Introducing RainbowYOUTH's Pronoun Tees. Tell the world what pronouns to use. #LanguageMatters!


How do I know the dimensions of a size? 

Check out our sizing chart!

When will I get my item?

We're new to this whole merch business, but we aim to have orders fulfilled as soon as we can. There might be unexpected delays at our end, or with our mates at NZ Post... so leave about 10 working days before you get hōhā (fed up). Then get in touch with us and we'll do our best to help you out:

You don't have the pronouns I use!

Oh no. We're really sorry about that. We've decided that in our next batch of shirts we're going to add an option for people to get multiple pronouns or custom pronouns printed. Stand-by and keep an eye on our social media for news about our second run. 

I've added a donation to my cart/to my shipping and...

Yay! You're amazing! Thank you! 

...That's okay. Anyway, what will my donation go towards?

Your donation will go to cover some key ongoing costs of ours. For example - the cost of sending our Queer and Gender Diverse 101 comics out to rural areas of Aotearoa, or helping pay the $20 travel koha for our interns who do an amazing job of running our drop-in centre. Sometimes, the money will go to less glamorous stuff like fixing a printer or computer, buying a new desk chair or washing the clothes from our community wardrobe. But we can assure you that every cent we get helps us with our mahi. We appreciate it and we appreciate you. To learn more, visit

You don't have my size! Stink!

That is stink, we're sorry! Your size might of sold out because we have only done a really limited print run to see if people would actually buy the merch. We'll have more sizes in stock soon, so keep an eye on this page. 

Do you do laybuy?

Not for this run of shirts, but we might look into it if we get lots of requests for - so let is know by emailing:

What about international shipping?

No sorry, we're just shipping to Aotearoa. 

How obviously 'rainbow' will your packaging for my items be? 

Don't worry, we got you. The shirts will be packed in NZ Post branded bags, and will only have our address, not our business name in the 'sender' section. 

If your have another question about our merch or anything related to our merch shop, email us: